Vetebullar (Swedish Cardamom Buns)

Vetebullar (Swedish Cardamom Buns)

Hello, all! I have been brainstorming what I want to do next with baking and I decided that to start the new year I will do a recipe every week from a cook book. I got the recipe book Fika by Anna Brones & Johanna Kindvall as a Christmas gift and I am so excited to use this one for all the baking to come in the near future.

My mom had a copy of the book so I have used it before but now I have my very own copy to take down to school with me! This is getting me so excited and ready for traveling to Sweden in June with my parents.

I recently learned this past year about fika, the Swedish word for coffee break, and all that it entails (my favorite part being the treats).

For now, I will be going in the order that they have in the book, so to start I made vetebullar. They can be made with cinnamon or cardamom but I am a huge fan of cardamom so I had to go with that.

Half of the batch I made in the classic roll shape and half I did a slightly more intricate twist. I don’t think I bound the ends of the dough rolls tightly enough so they didn’t stay closed all the way. Growing up, my mom would bake the rolls in small paper cups so that might have been better for keeping their shape.

And on all of them I sprinkled pearl sugar, a sugar that’s larger and chunkier and adds a slight crunch when bitten into, plus some extra sweetness.

This is not sponsored but I highly recommend this book if you want to learn about the basics of fika! So interesting and fun.

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